On the way home from Laughlin

We stopped here for gas but the service was really slow so I won't stop here again. This is a picture of the remains of a gas station along route 66 between Oatman and Kingman AZ. The 2 stone pillars out front were where the gas pumps would have been with a canopy to shield you from the hot Arizona sun.
This was an abandoned miners home built into the side of the Black Mountains on Sitgreaves pass. Sitgreaves pass is a wonderful stretch of route 66 that contains old abandoned gold mines, beautiful views and a fabulous road to drive for nice twisty mountain roads. There is even one gold mine you can tour.
Ed's camp at one time was a place to stop, fill the tank with gas and the radiator with water and take a break before tackling Sitgreaves pass. On today's modern cars that handle mountain roads well and have plenty of power we may think it is fun but in the 20's and 30's it could be a real adventure.
The next few photos are taken in the Mojave National Preserve. This is the Kelso Depot which is n the process of being restored.  It was built by the Union Pacific railroad to compete with the Harvey Houses being built by the Sante Fe line.
The last 2 photos are some of the remains of the town of Kelso. Just about every piece of junk you can think of is strew around the remains of the homes. In the desert you kept every thing because you never knew what you would need next and it was so difficult to just go to the next town to pick up a nut and bolt.